Welcome to 2B 2009 WIKIA

2B2009 is a encyclopedia (well, not really) that is related to a specific group of people that are in 2B...this wiki is a "just-for-fun" type of not take it as a real scientific wiki and write any info found in it in your tests or any kind of examinations...I repeat : This is not a real SCIENTIFIC its just to share information about a group. Have fun reading...and for those who know this group of people,I who created this wiki is one of those people!Have fun!


  • Class outing will be in December...most ppl will be on holidays...
  • The going-to-go-out craze: MOUSEHUNT AND GHOST TRAPPERS! (both facebook applications)
  • So, the year has finally started...and this wikia is only created in the middle of the year. What do you think about that?
  • Sorry, however,many pages of this wikia have not have any information, however, in due time, we will have it, don't worry 2B fans!

About 2B

2B is a group...comprising of people! this wikia is dedicated to that particular group of people. We will see an in-depth analysis of each and everyone in that group in the page Characters. So, its a bit confusing...since i don't really know how to operate a website, guess i'll check on it daily. But remember, no spamming!

The page Groups allows you viewers to see the different types of people we have in 2B and which group they are going to...such as the study groups, sports groups, musical groups...and these major groups would then be divided into smaller mini-groups such as the soccer group, netball group, cello group, piano group...etc.

The page Decorations tells you about many of the decor in our so called "2B-community"...very simple...for example, traffic lights decor,posters featuring who and who... etc.

The page Major events tell about the major things that are happening or going to happen in the 2B community. for example: someone died...etc.

And the page Minor events tell about the minor events happening the 2B community...for example: someone fell down today etc.

The page Themes tell about the different ideas and also some reflections of the 2B community...

the page Quotes tells you the FAMOUS QUOTES that the 2B community has taken note of and will put in the wikia.

The page Influencing Characters tells about the masters of the Characters

And lastly, the page Specialities list the various things that each one and other is good at, only the best is put in this category.


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